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I'm Jo and I'm a Makaton Tutor. 
Makaton is a communication system which uses signs made with your hands, simple symbols and speech to help people communicate.

Today over 100,000 people in the UK with communication difficulties use Makaton signs and symbols to help them communicate, either as an alternative means of communication or to support their speech.
I teach Makaton to people who interact with Makaton users - parents, caregivers, education, healthcare professionals, staff working in the leisure and retail sectors, and anyone who comes into contact with children and adults with communication difficulties.
Getting started with Makaton is fun and easy, and once you've started, you'll soon want to learn more.
I look forward to helping you start or continue your Makaton journey soon.


My name is Jo Bryenton

I am a freelance Makaton Tutor and I have an amazing daughter who has Down Syndrome.


Learn Makaton

Anyone can book onto an online or in person workshop whether they are parents or carers, education or health professionals, or staff working in the leisure and retail sectors

I can teach your team Makaton either online or in person

Reviews and Clients

008_for Jo.jpg

"Jo is a warm, friendly and supportive Tutor. Her Makaton workshops are engaging and fun.

I learned so much from her training and am grateful for her ongoing guidance as I continue my Makaton journey."

Participant on Levels 1 to 4 

Partnerships with local small businesses

It has been my pleasure to work with a number of small local businesses run by women to develop my website. 

My thanks go to:

Lucy Monkman for my logo design

Linda Wilson for the Sing & Sign Maestro's logo design

Paula Duck for my photos

Kate Mallender for the Sing & Sign Maestro's photos

Holly Davies at Yorkshire Brand Stories for brand management.

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