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Thank you for visiting my website.

I know from personal experience how scary the journey for parents of children with SEN can be, particularly when it comes to communication.

We all want our children to be able to express themselves and share their thoughts with others. We also all want our children to be understood and not become frustrated and isolated.


 Makaton can help. 

I can help.

I work with parents/carers and families to enable effective communication with their child by using Makaton signs and symbols alongside speech.


I also work with education, health and social care professionals, as well as staff working in the retail, leisure, hospitality and tourism sectors to ensure their service users with communication difficulties have fair and equal access to their services.

If you have any questions about Makaton, or want to chat about how I can can help, contact me by phone, email or on social media or use the contact form below..

Thank you

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